Thanks to our extensive experience and innovative staff we are able to assist you as competent partner with the dimensioning, material selection and manufacturing / process related design of mixing machines, apparatuses, vessels and columns.

We are specialized in:

  • the calculation of pressure equipment of most varied design according to AD2000, EN 13445, ASME Code, China regulation, TEMA
  • stress and vibration analysis with the FEM method
  • verification of stability for columns
  • static and dynamic design of the agitators
  • ATEX fulfilling design

Know-How and manufactoring competence under a single proof – Your projects with CHEMA Prozess- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Planning, design, manufacture and inspection from a single source guarantee smooth manufacturing processes.

From many years of research at the Anhalt University (FH) with the collaboration of CHEMA originates the technical book "Rührwerke, theoretische Grundlagen, Auslegung und Bewertung".

Rührwerke, theoretische Grundlagen, Auslegung und Bewertung

1. edition,
548 pages with 241 images and 23 tables
ISBN 3-00-003195-2