Columns – process technology

Procedural devices for individual applications in industry

CHEMA Prozess- und Systemtechnik GmbH designs and manufactures columns for plant engineering for the chemical industry, food industry, pharmacy and environmental technologies

The mechanical design of the columns is based – according to the individual customer’s request – e.g. according to AD instruction sheets, ASME Code, EN 13445, China Code and other certified design regulations.


The stability proof incl. all loads (wind, earthquakes, snow loads, etc.) is carried for the individual location, in our own premises in our engineering department. Additional loads for nozzles will be considered locally or globally.

In collaboration with the customer, a delivery of columns with or without process equipment is possible. The coordination for the engineering happens between customer – CHEMA – equipment manufacturer, while the design for the process equipment is in the responsibility of the customer or the equipment manufacturer.

Possibilities of transport for the individual case of application are considered at an early point of time and coordinated in collaboration with the shipping company.



CHEMA manufactures vessels and columns in

  • lengths of up to 80 meters,
  • diameters of up to 6 meters,
  • with a weight of up to 100 tons